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There are great advantages to being able to offer your clients antiransomware solutions. You will respond to the growing demand for antiransomware solutions, and introduce a new product that will provide additional security for your clients to your services.

You will have access to all the information you need, and we will provide you with any maintenance management assistance you may need. These are some of the benefits you will enjoy by becoming a partner of one of the most innovative firms in the antiransomware market.


An adaptable

One of the great advantages of Mitra Antiransomware is that it offers full and dynamic protection, regardless of how much the company may grow, and of the number of users or endpoints.


A specialized

Our product is specifically designed to protect businesses from the current main threat: ransomware. It is built to be fail-safe in blocking such attacks, responding to one of the key demands of businesses today.


An affordable

Mitra Antiransomware directly protects your company’s main asset: data. This revolutionary concept allows you to offer lower prices and reach a wider range of clients.


A secure

Your level of security is absolute: we isolate the infected user and restore any affected data to the point in time before infection in real-time, preventing it from spreading. Your clients will never lose their data.

Two solutions for two types of company

These are the solutions you will be able to offer to your clients. You can adjust them and change between them whenever you need to.

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