What is ransomware?

Did you know that ransomware is now the main cause of data loss for businesses?

Cyberattacks using ransomware have become the main security threat for businesses in recent years. The increase in the number of such attacks has been, and will continue to be, exponential. To this, we have to add the fact that ransomware does not distinguish between small or large companies, and it is capable of causing significant economic and reputational damage to any business.

The attack’s aim is to block businesses from functioning by “kidnapping” their data, and subsequently requesting a ransom. For hackers it is the most profitable kind of “virus”.

The best-known example is WannaCry, but there are others: BadRabbit, Jigsaw, Petya, Kimcilware, DMA Locker, Locky, Cerber, CryptoFortress, Maktub, SimpleLocker, Cerber, Tox… Backup files in cloud storage services can also be affected.