Why Mitra Antiransomware?

Shield your data against the main security threat businesses face today: ransomware

Did you know that ransomware is currently the greatest threat businesses are facing, and it affects both SMEs and larger businesses?

Mitra Antiransomware is the ultimate security solution, based on date protection and specifically designed to avoid and isolate this type of malware attacks, whether known or unknown (0-day).

The simplest ideas are the most revolutionary…

What if all this time we have been wrong about how to protect a business against a ransomware attack?

Our revolutionary concept focuses on protecting your business’s data, rather than protecting each user with access to it.

Traditional method

In traditional protection systems (Static Network Protection), each computer or device must have an agent installed. It takes just one unprotected terminal to endanger the whole structure and affect the entire business.

Our solution

Our system turns this concept around, focusing on data protection. Any terminal connected to the company network will be protected with just one click, installation-free.

What are the advantages of Mitra Antiransomware?

01. Core Protection

Mitra Antiransomware protects your data regardless of who accesses it or the kind of device used to access it (Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS, Android).

02. Angentless

Mitra Antiramsonware protects your data without deploying agents at endpoints, regardless if they are desktop Pcs, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

03. Transport Layer Protection

Mitra Antiransomware protects your data regardless of how it is accessed (LAN, VPN Connection, Remote Desktop or any other medium).

04. Click & Go!

Mitra Antiransomware protects all your data in minutes. The size of the company does not matter, in a few minutes it is protected.

05. Real Time Recover

If any file affected Mitra Antiransomware automatically recovers the files in a state prior to the attack.

06. BYOD

Mitra Antiransomware is the only solution on the market that protects your data against attacks from devices not controlled by the company whether they are business or personal. Work from home, airports, hotels… without worrying if the device you are connecting with is infected… Your data is ALWAYS protected.

07. Dynamic Network Protection

Mitra Antiransomware even protects you from devices that are not part of your current network. You no longer hace to worry about protecting new endpoints; as soon as you add a new device to your company it is automatically protected, without human intervention.

Easy protection with just one click

Your data will be protected no matter the device (tablet, mobile, computer…), or user accessing your protected network, with just one click.

Dynamic security for your business

Mitra Anti-Ransomware is designed to protect your data in light of the current BYOD (Bring your own device) trend.

Zero impact and maximum compatibility

Rapid deployment with no impact or interruptions, for both SMEs and larger environments. It is also compatible with any other security solution.

Scalable protection

No matter whether there are 10 or 1000 endpoints, and no matter how many users are connected; data is automatically protected with each new user.

How does it work?

How does Mitra Antiransomware act in the event of an attack?



Mitra Antiransomware protects your company data in real-time, no matter how many users are connected to the network.



In the event of an infection, the device is isolated, thus blocking the infection and preventing its spread without any need for an agent to be installed on the device.



Our anti-ransomware is unique in applying persistent isolation to the infected user, who will remain “blocked” until the network administrator decides otherwise.



Should any data be affected, it is restored to the point in time immediately prior to the attack. You will never lose data.