What do you need to know about ransomware?

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a malicious software that, taking advantage of a company’s weakest link (the user), encrypts or blocks your data, takes control of all stored data, and then extorts a ransom.

How does it attack my device?

The attack usually starts when the user receives an email with an attachment. When the attachment is opened, the ransomware is downloaded and it creates a list of all the files on your hard drive to encrypt them. Once it knows which files it will make unusable, it rapidly encrypts them. Once the infection is complete, a ransom request appears.

What files can cause an attack?

Some examples are files attached to emails, videos from pages of questionable origin, system upgrades, programs that in theory should be trusted…

Can it spread and infect the whole business?

Yes. Some ransomware can spread throughout the computer network, encrypting data in the rest of the company’s computers, maximizing the impact of the attack.